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SheTrades Commonwealth Women-owned Businesses 

SheTrades Commonwealth members just need to confirm their participation by typing their e-mail address used to access the SheTrades Commonwealth platform. You will then receive a link to review  and confirm your participation. 

New Applicants 

You can register in 2 easy steps:

  1. Select your role based on the criteria listed below
  2. Enter data depending on your type of registration 

All registrations will be reviewed by our team and accepted based on compliance to criteria listed below. You will receive a confirmation email when the team has reviewed your application. 

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Registration Criteria:

1. Women-owned business- Your company/cooperative should be:

- Part of an ITC or ITC SheTrades Project; 

-  At least 30% owned, managed and controlled by women;

- Legally registered and incorporated company domiciled in a Commonwealth country 

- Offering one or several of the products and/or services listed below (see table on the right).

2. Business Support Organization (BSO) - Trade and investment support institution, e.g. export promotion organisations, chambers of commerce; women’s associations; and sector associations etc. 

3. Buyers, Investor, Private Sector,  Customer - Company, investor, person interested in sourcing and/or investing from Women-owned businesses sourcing the products and/or services listed below.

4. Guest- Government representative, press, participant interested in attending Live sessions.